Groupage cargo is the best solution  for small and medium-sized businesses

Groupage cargo is the best solution for small and medium-sized businesses

The number of individual entrepreneurs is growing every year. It happens they need to order certain goods from other countries. As a result, the freight transportation services are becoming more and more popular, especially groupage ones.

 What are the advantages of this type of transportation

The main advantage is the savings. Both the shipper and the customer win because containers are used to transport goods for more than one client at once. This helps to significantly reduce the costs of both parties. After arriving at customs, the separate orders are sent on their own routes. The transport company is responsible for the safety of all of the goods. It makes sure that every part of the cargo reaches it’s final destination safe. The company collects and issues all the required paperwork. This also help to save time and money for every client.

Why are groupage deliveries relevant to small and mid-size businesses?

Because there are different goods for several clients in one container the price of the shipment can be significantly reduced. That can become a bit of a help for small enterprise to save on transportation and logistics. That is why this kind of delivery is the best solution for small and mid-size businesses. If you want to aquire more information, you can always get a free consultation from the Mitridat experts. We can provide safe groupage delivery of your goods on the best possible conditions with no delays.

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