The benefits of containerization

The benefits of containerization

Container transport is the most popular and available way for goods transportation. So, why shipping is the leader in the number of delivered goods? It is important to point out that it is not only one of the oldest ways of transportation of goods that is easily carried out nowadays as well, but also it is one of the most reliable ones. There is no need to worry about delivery. In addition, vessels can take several thousands of tons of goods and it is very convenient for a customer. It is important to mention, that about 70% of cargo is transported by water. The main advantages of maritime container shipment are as follows:
  • minimum effort is needed for loading and unloading of cargo;
  • maritime transport helps to keep goods safely stored in a metallic construction and are open only in the presence of the receiver;
  • an affordable price. The thing is that there is less need in energy resources for vessel movements, if we compare it even with ordinary trucks.
  • The use of maritime transport is the most effective thanks to container system of loading and unloading in ports. This saves much time. Grouped goods reduce logistics costs that is convenient for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • One more advantage is the transportation of different types of goods, for example, rare mixtures, solid and powdery substances, materials for various production, machinery and transport equipment.
  • The availability of multimodal shipping without additional paperwork.
  • An opportunity to transport special cargo of extremely big sizes. For instance, to transport an oil rig, it is possible only in an unassembled way like this.
Maritime transportation is one of the most reliable options for goods transportation. In such a way, almost everything can be transported from one continent to another. There is no weight or size restriction. If your cargo isn’t large, it can be registered with grouped goods. To sum up briefly, we can distinguish the following pluses of maritime container transport:
  1. an affordable price;
  2. transportation of various goods;
  3. delivery of special constructions;
  4. guaranteed safety and quality;
  5. super versatility.

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