The prediction of rates for container shipping from China

The prediction of rates for container shipping from China

In November 2020, the container crisis began caused by significant  increase of demand for Chinese goods, as well as an accumulation of empty containers in the United States, Europe and Australia, that led to a rapid  sea freight rates increase and delivery delays around the world. Freight rates from China to Ukraine increased for 20-foot containers by 323%, reaching $ 6 thousand, and for 40-foot containers – by 340%, reaching $ 10 thousand, compared to the same period last year. Many importers were forced to suspend their deliveries, since the lack of transport led to an increase in the cost of goods and they became unable to compete on the domestic market. Currently  the container shipping market is slowly returning to life. Over the past 2 months, sea freight rates have decreased by 20-25%:
  • For 20-foot containers – 3500-4000 $
  • For 40-foot containers -7000-7500  $  
The rates decrease due to the resumption of the flow of goods, as well as the shipment of empty containers to China from other countries, including the USA and Europe. Our clients have already restored their shipments from China, placing new bookings and concluding foreign economic activity contracts, which stimulates a further reduction of rates. If these trends continue, then the freight rates for shipment from China to Ukraine will reach $ 2000-2500 for a 20-foot container and $ 3000- $ 3500 for a 40-foot container by the summer of 2021.   If you want to get the exact rates or other information, please contact the Mitridat company specialists. The phone numbers are listed below.

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