Our range of services

Development of the optimal route
Freight and booking seats in line
Transportation of goods by transport
Reception, storage, repacking of cargo into containers at specialized transshipment bases
Container selection
Export of containers to the port
Issuance of certificates
Customs clearance of cargo
Intraport forwarding

Types of transportation

Standard sea container
20 feet, 40 feet
Open container for oversized transportation
Refrigerator containers
For goods that require a temperature regime
Container with vertical load
Tank container

How do we work?

Call or request from a client
Providing a fare
Conclusion of an agreement
Organization of the transportation process (interaction with sea lines, agents, etc.)
Documents receiving
Formation of the necessary package of documents for cargo clearance
Car setting
Delivery of goods to the client

Freight transportation of clothes, shoes and accessories
Trucking of household and agricultural equipment
Food trucking
Freight transportation of pet products
Freight transportation of tobacco products
Freight transportation of medical goods
Freight transportation of furniture
Freight transportation of jewelry
Freight transportation of non-ferrous metals
Freight transportation of auto parts and tires
Trucking of polymers
Freight transportation of semiconductors

Our advantages

More than 14 years in the market of transport services
Silver Leader of the Year 2017 among transport companies
Gold Leader of the Year 2017 among transport companies
Industry Leader 2019 in the National Business Ranking
Our partners

Groupage delivery (LCL delivery) is a type of freight transportation that allows you to transport small batches of goods from different consignors in one collective container. It is worth using this service if the batch of goods is not large enough to fill an entire container, the rent of which is quite expensive. LCL transportation allows you to deliver goods on the most favorable terms.

How is LCL delivery carried out at Mitridat company?

  • Free consultation on all issues related to the transportation of collective cargo.
  • Tariff agreement and calculation of the cost of LCL transportation.
  • Conclusion of an international transportation contract.
  • Receipt of the cargo from the sender, preparation of the necessary documentation.
  • Consolidation of cargo in the warehouse at the port of departure.
  • Customs clearance of cargo.
  • Delivery of bulk cargo to the receiving port.
  • Dismantling the container for storage.
  • Customs clearance of cargo.
  • Delivery and unloading of cargo at the specified destination.
  • Exchange of original documents and contracts.
  • Mitridat specialists will contact the sender, load them into collapsible containers and deliver your cargo in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of collective cargo transportation:

Significant cost savings during transportation. When sending cargo by LCL transportation, the customer pays only for the volume occupied by the cargo in the container, and not the full cost of transportation. This is much more profitable than transporting an empty container with FCL shipments, since all costs are shared among all customers.

Delivery of trial batches of goods with minimal costs.

Transportation of a trial batch of cargo using FCL transportation is economically impractical. And the delivery of collective cargo makes it possible to start a business with minimal material costs. Savings in customs clearance of cargo. After the goods arrive, the customs fees will be lower due to the small volume of the goods.

The possibility of transporting cargo of various dimensions. Freight transportation of prepackaged goods allows you to transport goods of large and small sizes, without worrying about the fact that they are significantly smaller than the volume of the container. You can transport cargo weighing from 100 kg to 10 tons, with a volume of up to 20 cubic meters. However, it is worth consulting with professionals first, because sometimes shipping up to 40 cubes in a collapsible container is much more profitable than in general.

Door-to-door delivery in optimal terms. With this type of delivery, the cargo is collected from the sender and transported to the “door” of the recipient.

To which countries is it possible to deliver collective cargo?

The company “Mitridat” carries out LCL transportation to a large number of countries, including the largest trade partner countries of Ukraine: China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, the USA and other countries of North America. One of the most popular destinations is delivery to Ukraine from China and the USA.

Advantages of working with the company “Mitridat”

  • Affordable tariffs
  • Professional support
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Optimum delivery times
  • Own modern fleet
  • Many years of experience in transportation and preparation of necessary documentation
  • Providing a range of transportation services by road, sea and rail

About us

“Mitridat” company has been successfully providing logistics services and operating in the field of freight transportation since 2008. The company’s high level of professionalism is recognized by such awards as “Leader of the Year-2017” among enterprises in the field of transport and “Leader of the Year-2019” in the National Business Rating. The company carries out deliveries of various degrees of complexity, even such as oversized transportation across Ukraine or abroad.

Cost of collective cargo

Many factors affect the cost of cargo transportation. The main ones are:

  • location of port of departure and port of destination;
  • type of cargo;
  • dimensions, volumes and weight of the cargo being sent;
  • storage requirements;
  • seat sizes;

You can find out the exact cost of international delivery of groupage cargo by contacting specialists of the Mitridat company. To receive a free qualified consultation, you can order a call back or make a bid request, in which you must specify contacts and basic information about transportation. In addition, you can apply for:

  • phone numbers: +38 (067) 488 50 30 (import), +38 (067) 559 77 94 (export).
  • by e-mail: info@mitridat-container.com office address: Odesa, st. Sofiivska, 7a

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between LCL transportation and FCL?

FCL is a full container load. It stores the order of one customer. With LCL delivery, goods from several customers are added to one container, which allows you to significantly save money.

Do you transport dangerous goods?

In collective transportation, we do not transport dangerous goods.

What goods must be packed in rigid packaging?

Rigid packaging is required for goods that may be damaged or deformed during transportation or loading/unloading operations. For example, sanitary ware, dishes, glass, etc.

Feedback from our clients

Aleksandra StasAleksandra Stas
07:03 30 Jul 21
Компанія ТОВ «МТН ТРЕЙД»За час нашої співпраці, компанія МІТРІДАТ зарекомендувала себе як надійний партнер. Варто відмітити якість та оперативність наданих послуг, а також привітність, компетентність, професіоналізм працівників, індивідуальний підхід до кожного поставленого запиту. Менеджери компанії завжди в телефонному чи електронному режимі знайдуть відповіді на всі наші запитання.Також слід відмітити налагоджену систему роботи та чудових,компетентних менеджерів, які з великим терпінням та вмінням професійно опрацьовують будь-який наш запит.
Працюємо вже рік з поставками з Китаю, все чітко і організовано. Завжди допоможуть знайти вихід із складних ситуацій, допоможуть і підкажуть в питаннях підготовки пакету документів. Рекомендую
07:08 13 Jul 21
Компанія "Мітрідат Одеса" надає послуги нашій компанії по доставці кави. Співпрацюємо з 2014 року. За цей час компанія "Мітрідат Одеса" зарекомендувала себе як компанія, здатна професійно виконувати поставлені перед нею завдання.