Our range of services

Development of the optimal route
Freight and booking seats in line
Transportation of goods by transport
Reception, storage, repacking of cargo into containers at specialized transshipment bases
Container selection
Export of containers to the port
Issuance of certificates
Customs clearance of cargo
Intraport forwarding

Types of transportation

Standard sea container
20 feet, 40 feet
Open container for oversized transportation
Refrigerator containers
For goods that require a temperature regime
Container with vertical load
Tank container

How do we work?

Call or request from a client
Providing a fare
Conclusion of an agreement
Organization of the transportation process (interaction with sea lines, agents, etc.)
Documents receiving
Formation of the necessary package of documents for cargo clearance
Car setting
Delivery of goods to the client

Freight transportation of clothes, shoes and accessories
Trucking of household and agricultural equipment
Food trucking
Freight transportation of pet products
Freight transportation of tobacco products
Freight transportation of medical goods
Freight transportation of furniture
Freight transportation of jewelry
Freight transportation of non-ferrous metals
Freight transportation of auto parts and tires
Trucking of polymers
Freight transportation of semiconductors

Our advantages

More than 14 years in the market of transport services
Silver Leader of the Year 2017 among transport companies
Gold Leader of the Year 2017 among transport companies
Industry Leader 2019 in the National Business Ranking
Our partners

Customs clearance

Mitridat transport and logistics company has been operating for more than 10 years. We provide a full range of services, including transport and logistics services, customs clearance services. Only professionals work in our team, who, despite their extensive experience in this field, constantly improve their knowledge and skills by studying new legislation. We have reliable partners among carriers, international transport lines, and suppliers.

Who needs cargo customs clearance services

Everyone, even someone who has never dealt with foreign economic activity, knows about the difficulties that can be encountered in the process of customs clearance. As a rule, questions arise already at the stage of collecting and processing the necessary documents. Incorrect preparation or lack of customs documents can lead to the fact that you will have to pay, at the very least, a decent fine, and at the very least, get rid of the cargo. Therefore, it is better to entrust customs clearance to professional brokers.

What services for customs clearance of goods include

We provide a full range of customs and transport services:

  • We provide consultations on customs clearance of goods.
  • Our experts will calculate how much customs clearance will cost you, including cargo clearance, taxes and other customs payments, filling out the declaration and drawing up other documentation, and more.
  • The beginning of customs clearance includes the preparation of preliminary declarations, notifications, etc.
  • Direct cargo clearance, support during customs inspection and control;
  • Issue of customs declaration, completion of CMR, TTN, CARNET TIR and other accompanying documents;
  • We provide services for the organization of obtaining all necessary permits, certificates, etc.

Our company also provides cargo delivery services by any means of transport to any part of the world. We will pick up your cargo from the seller anywhere in the world, deliver it to the port in Ukraine, clear customs and carry out further transportation within the country or beyond.

Procedure of customs clearance of goods

Customs clearance of goods has a clear sequence and takes place in a certain order.

  1. Acceptance and registration of declarations. The presence of all documents, the receipt of the declaration, electronic copies and other necessary papers, which are necessary to start the customs clearance process, are checked.
  2. Checking the accuracy of the information specified in the declaration.
  3. Checking the correctness of filling out customs documents, as well as the compliance of the contract with currency legislation.
  4. Production of customs payments.
  5. Direct inspection of goods and their release.

There is a general scheme for passing customs clearance, as well as simplified and special, which apply to certain categories of cargo. There are a lot of nuances and details that must be taken into account during customs clearance. Therefore, in order to avoid possible problems at customs in Ukraine, we recommend entrusting the process of customs clearance of the cargo to our specialists, who will take care of customs clearance, saving you time and money.

Customs clearance of foreign trade with our company

Many companies provide cargo customs clearance services in Odesa. Why customers choose Mithridate:

  • We always have adequate fair prices, we offer every client favorable conditions of cooperation;
  • We pay attention to small details and do everything to reduce the risks and cost of customs clearance of your cargo.
  • We guarantee an individual approach and reliability, we provide broker services at the highest level.
  • We are confident in our abilities and do everything to ensure that the cargo passes customs control quickly, qualitatively and without problems.

We provide turnkey customs brokerage services, as well as delivery, insurance, and cargo warehousing services. We take care of all the paperwork, payments, etc. You trust us with your cargo and we do everything for you. If you want to order customs clearance of equipment or other goods, call us or fill out the feedback form, we will contact you.

Feedback from our clients

Aleksandra StasAleksandra Stas
07:03 30 Jul 21
Компанія ТОВ «МТН ТРЕЙД»За час нашої співпраці, компанія МІТРІДАТ зарекомендувала себе як надійний партнер. Варто відмітити якість та оперативність наданих послуг, а також привітність, компетентність, професіоналізм працівників, індивідуальний підхід до кожного поставленого запиту. Менеджери компанії завжди в телефонному чи електронному режимі знайдуть відповіді на всі наші запитання.Також слід відмітити налагоджену систему роботи та чудових,компетентних менеджерів, які з великим терпінням та вмінням професійно опрацьовують будь-який наш запит.
Працюємо вже рік з поставками з Китаю, все чітко і організовано. Завжди допоможуть знайти вихід із складних ситуацій, допоможуть і підкажуть в питаннях підготовки пакету документів. Рекомендую
07:08 13 Jul 21
Компанія "Мітрідат Одеса" надає послуги нашій компанії по доставці кави. Співпрацюємо з 2014 року. За цей час компанія "Мітрідат Одеса" зарекомендувала себе як компанія, здатна професійно виконувати поставлені перед нею завдання.