Працюємо у воєнний час

International and domestic container shipping is a safe, reliable and efficient way of delivering small and large consignments of goods. A large number of companies in Ukraine choose this method of cargo delivery due to its important advantages.

Advantages of container transportation

The universality of the modules. A unified world standardization system for volumes, dimensions, fasteners allows them to be used in all CIS countries, Europe and Asia. It simplifies logistics schemes. Mechanized loading and unloading speeds up work and shortens delivery time.

Cargo safety. The container is sealed at the point of departure and does not open throughout the entire route. There is no risk of damage to goods during handling and customs storage. Reliable locks, seals prevent theft. Independence from weather conditions. The sealed case protects the cargo from humid air, rain, snow.

Use of any type of transport. The modules are transported by road, rail, container ships and air lines. The logistics of container transportation is built using one vehicle or two to three multimodal schemes.

Cost-effectiveness. Rigging automation, the choice of the mode of transportation, the absence of payments for intermediate storage and compulsory packaging reduce the cost of transferring goods.

What goods can be transported in containers

Only liquid bulk cargo cannot be transported in modules. There are no restrictions for other types of goods. Motor, rail, sea container transportation is used for the following types of cargo:

  • oversized cargo – long, heavy, exceeding the norms in height or width;
  • equipment, special machinery;
  • fragile objects – mirrors, glass, dishes, porcelain;
  • antiques, paintings, books;
  • furniture, electronics, radio equipment, household appliances;
  • bulk products – grain, sand;
  • dangerous goods.

For perishable products, as well as those requiring special storage conditions, transportation by refrigerated containers, modules with ventilation are intended.

Container trucking with Mitridat company

Road transport is often used in the logistics chain when transporting containers. It is used for delivery by sea, rail and air transportation of goods to or from a port, station, airport.

Our container transportation services in Ukraine and abroad include:

selection of the module by weight, volume, type of loading, type - 20, 40 foot, ST, HC, PW, UP, FR, OT;
developing an optimal logistic scheme;
support of rigging, warehouse operations;
delivery of the container to the point of loading;
customs clearance;
monitoring the location of the cargo;

Why should it be us?

More than 10 years on the transport services market
Silver Leader of the Year 2017 among transport enterprises
Gold Leader of the Year 2017 among transport enterprises
Leader of Industry 2019 in the National Business Rating

Mitridat company has been engaged in the international transportation since 2008. We deliver goods to the most demanded directions to the port of Odessa, Chornomorsk, Iuzhnyi, namely: cargo delivery from Turkey, China, the USA, Korea and many other countries of the world to Ukraine.

High responsibility and clear organization of maritime, rail, motor transportation are confirmed by the received awards:

  • Gold and silver medalist of the rating “Leader of the Year 2017”;
  • The title of the leader in the transport industry in 2019;
  • Member of FIATA – International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations.

Please, call the contact numbers or leave a request on the website to order motor, rail, sea freight transportation and find out their cost. Our logistics managers will call you back as soon as possible and advise on all questions.